This course immerses you in the globally recognized Project Management Institute’s standard for planning, executing and monitoring projects.  The training approach provides real world scenarios to transition your context from industry practices to proven techniques to achieve project deliverables.  The learning process is supported by access to a best-in-class exam question bank and simulator.  On completion, you will have experienced marked improvements in the way you handle your current projects and be ready to prove your competency by gaining the PMP certification.  12 weeks at 5 hours per week (48 Contact Hours)


This course is more than an exam preparation exercise.  You will understand the role of the project management team and how your knowledge of the methodology will enhance your ability to support the project manager to make the best possible decisions.  The associate in project management is a vital role in the expediting the dynamics of projects to ensure that people and resources are where they should be when they should be.  10 weeks at 2.5hours per week (25 Contact Hours)


This course provides a hands-on introduction to Microsoft Project 2016. During this comprehensive course, you will learn how to effectively schedule, optimize, track, analyze and report on your project’s tasks and resources. The course focuses on the application’s CORE functionality.  Most of the course exercises are based on a single, real-world project that helps you build practical skills that you can transfer into the field. You will leave this course with an understanding of how to use Microsoft Project 2016 to efficiently develop realistic schedules.  6 weeks at 4 hours per week (24 Contact Hours)


You will learn the discipline of working with stakeholders to define requirements and shaping the output of projects to deliver the expected benefits.  You will attain a solid understanding of the activities commonly performed by persons fulfilling the business analysis role on programs and projects. The course is intended to prepare students who are interested in taking the PMI-PBA® exam and improving their competency in performing business analysis.  9 weeks at 4 hours per week (36 Contact Hours)


In this course, you will learn how to use Scrum to deliver early value from projects and to work together to successfully reach the goal.  Tools are provided to enable students to relate to behavioral shifts, including establishing cross-functional and self-managing teams, producing a working increment of the deliverable at the end of each iteration or Sprint. This course is a combination of instruction and facilitated exercises looking at the challenges that Scrum Masters face and how the principles and values of Scrum help them to deal with those situations.

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