PR/Communications Stakeholder Needs Analysis (2012)

The Barbados Technical and Vocational Education and Training Council found itself in a position where the dialogue on TVET among stakeholders was heavily skewed towards anecdotal rather than on empirical data.  The Communications department therefore undertook to conduct research on the knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and perceptions of defined groups to TVET.  


The research was conducted over a 20 week period and included:

  • The administration of surveys to cohort 1 (employers and HR practitioners) regarding their opinions on TVET and NVQs.
  • The administration of surveys to cohort 2 (trainers, teachers, parents, guidance counsellors, students and trainees) regarding the opinions on TVET, lifelong learning and their preferred modes of communication.  Cohort 2 has five (5) target groups and the surveys questions varied slightly for each target group.
  • A total of 1600 surveys were administered across the two (2) cohorts
  • Telephone and in person surveys of the parents
  • Focus groups with the two cohorts to determine their opinions on previous marketing campaigns and to validate responses from the surveys
  • Comparative analysis of the TVETC’s communications strategy to global best practices
  • The creation of demographic and psychographic profiles for cohorts 1 and 2

The Outcomes

A comprehensive analysis of the perception of TVET and its marketing material

Value to the Client Organization

  • The findings of the Needs Analysis were incorporated into the TVETC’s strategic plan.
  • The recommendations on branding contributed to the revamping of the TVETC website.
  • The report is a working document of the TVET Council, the Barbados Vocational Training Board and Ministry of Education Science Technology and Innovation.