National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) Tracer Study (2014)

The National Council for Science and Technology hosts the “National Innovation Competition” which begun in 2003 and is funded by the Enterprise Growth Fund Limited (EGFL). The purpose of the competition is to promote and encourage the spirit of creativity and innovation by providing financial aid for the commercialization of winning ideas.

The NCST required a tracer study to measure the impact of the competition on the commercialization of the ideas. To do this, a questionnaire was designed to:

  • Identifying what past winners were currently doing
  • Whether the innovation was launched and how the competition impacted it
  • The innovations’ contribution to the economy
  • Perceived benefits of the competition


  • Questionnaire design and approval by the Acting Director of the NCST
  • Contacted and carried out interviews with the 25 winners (2003- 2012) of the competition
  • Collate and analyze results of the questionnaires using SPSS
  • Submission of report to Client

Outcomes (to date)

  1. A document identifying the extent to which the competition has impacted the commercialization of winning innovation including recommendations on how the competition could be improved for greater impact.

Value to the Client Organization

  1. Timely completion of project
  2. Knowledge on how many innovations were actually commercialized
  3. Knowledge of the issues faced by winners as they sought to commercialize their innovations
  4. Knowledge on the specific areas covered by the award in the commercialization process
  5. A set of specific recommendations on how to have a more impactful competition