CARICOM Education for Employment Program Marketing Campaign – Association of Canadian Community Colleges (2013 to 2015)

The CARICOM Education for Employment Program (C-EFE) is a CDN $20 million, CIDA-funded and co-designed regional program which will contribute to the reduction of unemployment and poverty levels by strengthening the relevancy and effectiveness of the technical and vocational advanced skills training systems of twelve (12) CARICOM countries.  A key component of the project is the development of a marketing strategy and marketing materials for TVET programs the Caribbean and for the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ).  Target groups for this messaging include parents, potential students, employers, government policy makers and educators. The project involves:

  1. Collaborating with key TVET stakeholders and C-EFE staff,
  2. Developing and assisting in the implementation of a social media campaign for TVET and CVQs which included research among students and trainees to identify Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviour and Perceptions (KABPs) towards TVET education and CVQs,
  3. Assisting institutions working with ACCC to develop and implement local promotional strategies,
  4. Assisting with monitoring the impact of the marketing initiatives launched through the C-EFE.


  • Consultations with the gender equality work group, Caribbean Association of National Training Agencies (CANTA), CEFE Labour Market Index Consultant, Canadian College Partners, CEFE Technical Advisors for Barbados/OECS, Guyana and Barbados as well as the program steering committee.
  • Conducted extensive desk research guided by the stakeholder consultations on global trends in skills shortages, regional demand for advanced technical and professional skills; e.g. extraction industries.
  • Designed, executed and analyzed research among students and trainees in Jamaica, Belize, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Grenada.
  • Designed the brand personality based on the inputs gained from the various consultations.  This was pitched to the Canadian College Partners who will incorporate the schema into their marketing of the College Partnerships.
  • Designed the messaging and branding elements (CANTA approved)
  • Refined the campaigns according to CANTA’s directives
  • Tested the branding and marketing collateral in Dominica, Antigua, Trinidad and Jamaica via focus groups conducted by Skype video and on site (Jamaica and Trinidad)
  • Developed a traditional media pilot campaign for Antigua and Belize
  • Coordinated the launch of the Antigua TVET Week Nov 4 to 9, 2013 and Belize January 20 to 24, 2014
  • Collaborated on the selection of Canadian film students to create and film a documentary for ACCC on the CEFE program
  • Design the CARICOM launch (Jan 2014)

Outcomes (to date)

  1. Strategy for communicating gender neutrality in the CEFE marketing campaign
  2. Study of the best practices employed by the CEFE Canadian College Partnerships to embed entrepreneurship into TVET courses
  3. Regional body of knowledge on the attitudes and perceptions towards TVET and the critical workforce requirements of high growth industries in Caricom
  4. Data sheets on career paths aligned to occupational standards
  5. Social media marketing strategy
  6. Marketing material designs that have been tested
  7. Design and implementation of a traditional (print and radio) campaign for Antigua and Belize within the context a TVET awareness week

Value to the Client Organization

  1. On time completion of the marketing plan objectives
  2. Traditional media campaigns to support a newly formed NTA (Antigua) and to raise the profile of the I-TVETs in Belize
  3. Social media presence for Antigua and ignition of dialogue with Ministerial departments to secure re-commitment to TVET
  4. Resounding approval of the marketing initiatives from the Program Steering Committee
  5. Model for marketing TVET within the CARICOM environment